The Philonof company was established and is run by Yaakov Philo, a landscape architecture practical engineer and gardener. Philonof has over 17 years of experience in planning, designing, constructing and maintaining charming and aesthetic gardens.
Philonof provides its clients with a creative botanical experience through its high-standard gardening and professionalism.
In our work we emphasize the following:

The owner of Philonof, Yaakov Philo, is a landscape architecture practical engineer and certified gardener, with extensive knowledge and experience in gardening and planning. He plans and accompanies each project from the initial stages down to the selection of materials and plants. Philonof workers all undergo practical and theoretical training on a regular and ongoing basis, both in external training and in improvement of their practical skills.

Our professionalism goes hand in hand with our uncompromising high-standard of service. Our clients are always at the center, and enjoy a pleasant, courteous, efficient service, always accompanied by a smile and attention to their needs and wishes. Additionally, Yaakov has a background in social work and thus understands the importance of connecting with his clients, of being attentive and understanding the needs of both his clients and employees. The combination of professional know-how in gardening, together with high interpersonal sensitivity, and a high-level service, turn the whole project into a positive, exciting experience, as befitting an area which is all about sensitivity and aesthetics.

Composition, set up and material combination:
At Philonof we think of everything. We advise our clients to allow our early involvement in the planning stages of the building or renovation of the house. In the preliminary stage, we assist the client in planning the external area of the house, and thinking of the materials to be used and how they fit with the other parts of the garden. We advise the builders and architects on the necessary infrastructural preparations for a successful garden and a clean, aesthetic, long-lasting appearance.
At a second stage, we select the best and most suitable pots, materials and plants to let your dreams bloom. Further, we incorporate Jerusalem stone workmanship, terraces and rockeries and other stone products which are suitable and complementary to the appearance of the house and garden.

Quality of Materials:
We use only the highest-quality materials available in the gardening market, while considering the future of the garden and the durability of the plants and materials.

The garden building process:
Each client's garden is a unique aesthetic world, expressing his dreams, vision and personal taste. Each client has different physical expanses within or outside their house, whether a garden, patio, porch or rooftop, which he desires to turn into a delightful and moving beauty spot.
When I come to design these areas, I view the client's wishes on the one hand, and the physical potential of the locale, on the other, as the two main elements in the design and planning.
I have recently completed the design and building of a typical, but nevertheless-unique Jerusalem patio in the neighborhood of Nachlaot, which demonstrates the special regard Philonof has to each and every client and the meticulous, detailed planning involved, as well as the resort to creative solutions.
The patio, located on the entrance level to the house, serves in fact as its main entrance. The clients were particular about having everything meticulously and precisely planned and executed as the relatively-small patio (25 sq. meters) is overlooked from both kitchen and living room. In addition, the patio contained large air conditioning units and gas balloons which needed to be concealed in a creative and aesthetic manner.
After a meeting with the clients, and learning of their desires and needs, I drew them a sketch of the garden, which they liked, and we moved on to a joint meeting with the architect in charge of the renovation of the house. We selected pots and window boxes consistent with the design language of the house interior. We took exact measurements of the patio and ordered custom-made window boxes for this area.
At the same time, I introduced the clients to an artist blacksmithand metalworker with whom I have worked for many years to create an original and aesthetic hideaway for the air-conditioning units and gas balloons, and we added a storage unit, upon the clients' demand. After agreeing on materials and measurements, the metalwork was produced.
The garden contained an old lemon tree, which needed preserving, as well as a garden bed. I designed a stone-chiseled, octagonal-shaped garden bed which could also serve as a garden seat.
After the planning stage and coordination with the various workmen, we set to task, starting with the biggest undertaking -  laying the infrastructure, including building the stone bed, laying underfloor irrigation and drainage pipes, and metalwork.
At second stage, I helped the clients select the plants. We went over all the window boxes and pots, and chose suitable plants for each.
After completing the heavy work, we moved on to installing the window boxes.
Last, we set to dress this unique patio with its green, flowery covering, and planted the plants according to plan.
Everything was done with an eye for aesthetics and with utmost precision. I place great emphasis, particularly in small areas such as patios and porches, in working with pots and window boxes, on hiding irrigation and drainage pipes. This requires early planning and thinking (ducts and pipes inside walls or under flooring) and precision during implementation.

The outcome:
a charming, green, functional patio at the heart of a crowded, urban area, and all to the clients’ full satisfaction.
Thus the process usually requires patience and willingness to provide a pleasant service as well as extensive professional knowledge and the thinking out of each detail.